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Yesterday was my girlfriend’s bday, so we went out to have dinner at chatterbox. It’s all perfect untill the waitress asked us to pay the bill coz the place was going to close. We took the bill and paid it. After we gave her the money, suddenly i realize that the bill was seem suppose to be wrong. Coz we didn’t eat much and choose the most expensive food. So I just waited for the waitress to finish the transaction in cashier to see the detail on the bill. After she gave the bill map (apalah itu bahasa inggrisnya map buat tempat naro duit) the bill wasn’t included in the map! So i asked the other waitress (coz the waitress that serve us was gone) to give me the bill. She said that the bill was on the waitress that serve us. Suddenly that damn waitress came to us and give me the bill and said that there’s some mistaken in my bill and the extra money was placed inside the pocket map (it’s seem that the money intentionally being hidden in other pocket). So i told her why she didn’t tell us, if we didn’t realize we could left the money inside. she just said “sorry sir”.

After we’re out I just realized that it’s seem that she wanna to trick us. And i was regret why i didn’t call the manager. Well it’s not all her fault, if only i saw the detail on the bill first this thing won’t be happened. Like the qoute from bang napi. “kejahatan bukan hanya terjadi karena ada niat dari pelakunya, tapi karena ada kesempatan”

“Waspadalah .. waspadalah..”

ps: sori demori for the bad english


  1. he? parah juga ya… ini chatterbox mana, btw?

  2. mungkin ini cobaan untuk kantong Anda….kekekek…..

    • Lia
    • Posted August 25, 2011 at 12:53 pm
    • Permalink

    pelayannya bau ketekkkkkk 😦

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