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It’s simple, just open ur PC/Laptop. Browse all the files that u haven’t seen for a long time. When u stop to one or some files, close ur eyes, remember all the memories related with it. And now is the most interesting part. The file(s) can take u back to past to a journey when u fell sweet, bad, or sad memories bout this file(s). The files itself can be docs, assignment codes, mp3s, videos, photos, etc. May be when u listen again to a song u haven’t heard for a while, u suddenly remember to ur old friends. Or may be when u look to ur old assignment or test result u remember the hard time u have been through. And after u open ur eyes u can tell how much do u change from time to time =)

– All files from ur Old PC or just ur PC/Laptop


  1. ehm2……lagi ngerasa apa nih mas boby? :))

  2. ah .. ferry, pengkomen setia blog gw hehehe..

  3. it is a good idea Mr. Boby. Especially if we once copy the whole stories of hehehehe

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