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Today one of the student from the school that i work on a project send me a text message.

“kak boby.. Mau maenin musik gmn caranya di linux? pake rythym box ga bs, smua lagu dibilang not audio stream”

hahaha.. it’s funny coz i never play songs with linux. Well it’s not like i never used linux before but it’s been a while since i installed it in my old PC 😛 It’s when i was in the third/two smstr. at that time there was JP who became my linux technical assistance =D so i just answered the question with this one:

“kalo saya sih biasa pake mplayer *it’s the only player that i remember =P btw am i right?* coba km tanya ferry *kick the ball out!* saya jarang denger lagu di linux”


  1. mplayer biasanya buat video….kalo gue biasanya kalo gak xmms yah amarok….
    tapi klo not audio stream itu biasanya setting up audionya belum beres, bukan begitu JP? :))

    cieeee boby sang ahli linux 🙂

  2. Pasti GNU/Linux yang diinstall adalah Ubuntu, yah?

  3. Pasti GNU/Linux yang diinstall adalah Ubuntu, yah?
    Pantes aja gag ada MP3. Musti diinstall pake koneksi internet.

  4. @feha
    ahli? =P

    nanti gw kasih ini link aj kali ya ke dia XD

    Excellent JiPI.. *ehem* Pastilah .. apa lagi kalo buka ubuntu, eh apa kubuntu ya? tauk ah .. orang yang nginstallin si feha :))

  5. @jepe: kalo gak mo konek ke inet, bisa pesen dvd repo ubuntu ke gw 😀


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