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Here are some tips that i do to save my speedy’s quota. But it only works for those who only use internet for YM!, blogging, news, and forum.

1. Mozilla Firefox (the best browser in the world :D)

1. Block flash. Use the Flashblock plugin from firefox

2. Block images. Go to Tools->Options->Content Tab->Uncheck load images field

3. Block adv. with the adblock plugin

4. For YM! i don’t think it takes a lot of quota but gaim and meebo take smaller quota then the Yahoo Messenger itself, so it’s up to u

this tips definitely not for download freak type, “banci friendster”, and designer 😀

for  “fakir benwit” like us, can be a nice alternative 😉


  1. ga cocok buat gw berarti.. 😀

  2. itu apa yah?

  3. is gmail for mobile users. it has much smaller page size 😀

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