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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Keren euy..

about depapepe -taken from their personal website-:

We, Tokuoka Yoshinari and Miura Takuya, are DEPAPEPE.
We formed our band in November 2002, in Kobe, of Hyogo prefecture in Japan.
We are just two men, and two guitars; but through the sound of our strings, we let out like waves of pure emotion, the feelings of Joy and Anger, Grief and Happiness. We paint scenery, and landscapes, with our music.

With enough feeling traveling through his guitar, a musician has no real necesity for words. Instead, listen to our strumming, and write your own songs, about your own experiences, in your own heart. It means more that way.

try to listen to their songs, I recommended  “this way” from ACOUSTIC FRIENDS album.

Ok, two things that I just knew bout my IPod:
1. My current firmware is sucks.. though there’s new firmware but I’m too lazy to upgrade it.
2. And here’s the most important thing, there’s a way to reset IPod. Yesterday I went to Ambassador Mall just wanted to ask the seller why my IPod hanged. Well I hope I can get the new one =P but instead of that the SPG told my how to do the reset hahaha.. so to reset IPod you just have to press enter+up bottom together 😉