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Ok, two things that I just knew bout my IPod:
1. My current firmware is sucks.. though there’s new firmware but I’m too lazy to upgrade it.
2. And here’s the most important thing, there’s a way to reset IPod. Yesterday I went to Ambassador Mall just wanted to ask the seller why my IPod hanged. Well I hope I can get the new one =P but instead of that the SPG told my how to do the reset hahaha.. so to reset IPod you just have to press enter+up bottom together 😉


  1. cieee yg dah punya IPOD…..
    keren euy

  2. beeeuh.. mainannya ipod sekarang boooo

  3. RTFM bob…. :)) mang gak ada di situ ya??

  4. joe: hehehe ga ada sep.. pelit tuh si apple =P

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