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The effects of internet viral marketing throughout blogs are very huge nowadays. Last Friday, Maya asked me to join her and Bima to try Sate Marrangi in Duren Tiga. Since I already read kuya’s review, I became really interested to visit the place. At first I rejected Maya offered, because I knew that it was not a good idea to go to Mampang Street on Friday night. As we know the traffic jam at Mampang on the weekdays is so bad moreover on Friday night. But because of the effect from the review, finally I accepted Maya offered and the journey began =D

The meeting point was in Bima’s house. I told Maya to go to my office in Landmark so that we could go together by my motorcycle. But on the way Maya went to my office, she met Dikey. Long story short, Dikey joined our Kuliner Team and they went to Bima’s house by taxi as I rode on my bike there alone. Just like what I had been predicted, the traffic was like hell. It took 50 minutes for me to reach Mampang from Sudirman but it was nothing compared with the girls since they almost spent 2 hours.

After Maya and Dikey arrived at Bima’s house, we went to Maranggi by Bima’s car. Duren Tiga was not far away from Mampang but unfortunately the place already closed when we arrived T_T so we decided to go to Dombrut, the place that also being reviewed in kuya’s blog. Fortunately the place is not too far away from Duren Tiga. Dombrut is stand for Domba Garut and located in Ampera Street right in front of Medco Office.

This photo below is the first ordered food that we made =D

In this picture below were the specialty from Dombrut. Dombrut Satay Special with Fat (left upper side) and Dombrut Satay Special (right below side). What makes it special because they use has dalam (ini inggrisnya apa yah) for the special one which means the meat is more tender than the usual one. If you don’t like the fat you can just order Dombrut Satay Special.

The taste was just like the look. The meat was so tender and the way they roasted the meat was just perfect. They served the satay with ketchup. But too bad I still can smell the lamb. And for the tongseng and sop sumsum taste were also good but not that good. Nothing special from the taste.

What odd from this dinner in Dombrut was Maya ordered Indomie Goreng with Dombrut Topping -____-‘

The price is kinda expensive for me, but if I think again from the size of the meat and the taste I think is quit worth it. This are the price list of the food in Dombrut:

Dombrut Satay 25.000 IDR

Dombrut Satay Sp with Fat 27.0000 IDR

Dombrut Satay Sp 30.000 IDR

Sop Sumsum 20.000 IDR

Tongseng 21.000 IDR

In summary I think dombrut is one of the best satay in Jakarta that you should try *viral marketing detected* well see you on the next place, hopefully next time we will not become the follower of other review =P


    • tuds
    • Posted April 21, 2008 at 1:39 am
    • Permalink

    dombrut memang empuk ^^ tapi aku lebih suka sate kambing klaten di klender.. gak bau kambing sih..hehehe

  1. Makin keliatan gembul aja loe bob (~mbul) hahaha…. emang beda yak kalo ud bisa cari duit ndiri ama kalo cuma mahasiswa pas2an 😛

  2. @tuds:
    Wah km udah komentar duluan aja tentang klaten. Itu ada bagiannya sendiri =P

    Ah masih kalah ama mahasiswa yang udah bisa beli kamera DSLR =P

  3. huahahaha….
    ternyata setelah lulus kuliah makin banyak yg badannya pengen nyaingin gw :p

  4. Wekeke, ayo ayo saling mencoba review masing2 😀 Nanti datanya dikumpulin trus kita bikin buku mwahahahah

  5. sepertinya enak yak

    • pomponette
    • Posted April 25, 2008 at 1:42 am
    • Permalink

    “What odd from this dinner in Dombrut was Maya ordered Indomie Goreng with Dombrut Topping -____-‘”


    kebayang banget!

    • arie
    • Posted August 16, 2008 at 9:27 pm
    • Permalink

    makasih atas reviewnya, juga makasih udah dateng ke dombrut cabang lebak bulus.

    • arifel
    • Posted December 22, 2008 at 12:52 pm
    • Permalink

    Wah enyaak kayanya .. boleh donk buat traktiran ultah ntar .. hahahaha

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