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Yesterday I watched Iron Man in Setiabudi One. I don’t want to make any review about the movie because there are already many reviews about this movie on the internet. I just want to tell you story about annoying couple that sat next to me while I was watching the movie. Btw for you that have already watched Janji Joni might remember about 10 characteristic of movie viewers inside the studio. One of the characteristic is the noisy couple type where the girl always ask the guy about the things happened on the movie. Well I never think that this kind of type was exist until yesterday I saw and heard by myself.

Here are some quote from the noise couple:

The girl: “Loh itu orang yang tadi yah”
The guy: “Iya”

The girl: “Loh kok dia masih idup”
The guy: “Iya”

The girl: “Injaction itu apa sih”
The guy: “ga tau”

The girl: “itu kok bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..” (nanya dengan pertanyaan yang sangat panjang)
The guy: “hmmm..”

And many more…

I really amazed with the guy because he really was so patient and answered all his girlfriend question. Although he might just answer with yes or no =P

When I watch movie in the studio, there are few things that I really hate related to the viewers. First I hate if there are too many children inside because they can really make some big noise. Either they cry or laugh to much. Second I hate if there any teenager groups (especially when they all women) around my seat. They tend to always make not important comment about the movie. Third I hate when people come late and they cannot find their seat. After yesterday, I think I should add one more. I hate to sit next to the noisy couple.


  1. Tapi lo nyadar gak Bob.. kalo teks terjemahannya pada kacau balau? Misalnya, “integrated circuit” (IC) diterjemahkan sebagai area terpadu.


  2. makanya bob klo ntn film anak2 ntnnya yang malem. jadi sepi ama anak2nya.

  3. Ehm … gw klo nonton ama co gw biasanya emang suka comment (gw nya, co gw mah diem), tapi gw gak nanya2 … klo nanya2 itu berarti ce nya bego… masa sama2 nonton tapi gak ngerti xD

    Tp gw loud gak ya? Kayanya untuk film2 yg mengecewakan gw (alias bikin gw boring) kayanya gw emang cukup ribut… hehehe…

  4. narpati:
    Mana bisa konsen kalo sebelah gw berisik gitu nar


    Ga takut pulang malem sat =P

    hmm… kayaknya perlu dihindari nonton film sebelah elo vel =P

  5. jadi inget 2 cewek cekikikan tiada henti waktu nonton Troy… pemicunya apa lagi kalo bukan pantat Brad Pitt >.<

    sukses menjatuhkan rating Troy di mata gue.

  6. huehehehehe, cerita Andin kocak ajah =D

    Betewe betul Bob, suka gondok kalo nonton pelem gitu trus banyak anak kecil, apa kaga baca rating ya? Kocak juga sih ngeliatin ibu2 di depan gue dengan 3(TIGA!!!) anak kecil di sebelahnya, si ibu langsung heboh waktu adegan Tony Stark tidur ma si reporter…


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