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Category Archives: just another story

Yesterday I went to wedding ceremony at BKOE on Raden Inten Street. I accompanied my mother to the wedding because my father was not in Jakarta. I was hoping to enjoy the food there because neither the groom nor the bride is my friend or family. So I thought, I wouldn’t meet any of my friends or families there.

After I congratulated the groom and the bride, I started to find my first target of food. I decided to eat empek-empek first. I stood before the line which looked like the queue at empek-empek booth. But it turned out that there’s another new line which was formed by some old men and women and tried to get into the queue. Well at least I thought they still waited on the line. But when the turn was on me, there’s this one old woman who suddenly came up right in front of me and took the food without waiting on the line. There’s nothing I could do about that I just took my food and went.

Then my next target was ice cream, I chose that because it’s less crowded. There’s no queue at the ice cream booth. People just gathered around and gave the cup to the person who served at the booth. I just waited patiently to get my turn. But as the time goes by, the booth was getting crowder and crowder. I was even thinking to cancel the ice cream. But when I saw my surrounding It was full of hungry people and I was stuck -___-‘ So I continued to struggle for the ice cream. The crowd became more brutal and brutal when there are 2 or 3 person took spoon and grabbed the ice cream by themselves. Luckily I was able to get out from there after i got my ice cream.

Almost all this brutal people are old women. I really hate when waiting on the same line with old women. They usually want to be treated exclusively just because they are old! May be it’s O.K. in some part like giving your chair in the train or bus to old women but not in the line case. I get a story from people who usually use trans Jakarta everyday. They said old women like to push or menyalip (ini bahasa inggrisnya apa yah) the line. In the end, I just hope this kind of attitude won’t be done by all of women that I know.