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Category Archives: shhh… don’t tell

is one of my favourite players that plays in my only favourite team, the greatest team ever, Manchester United =D Sadly he was sensationally sent off three minutes from half-time in Manchester United’s pre-season friendly against FC Porto in Amsterdam. Man.. what were u thinking wayne! *cielah* if u keep acting like that there won’t be another treble championagaint. I really hope he’s not only going to bring trophy to old trafford but he can also bring the tittle of the world champion with england. Well we will see later then =D


It’s 7.37 A.M and I’m still in Cyber Building Mampang. I wanna congratz to all the new students that just being accepted in all PTN in Indo =) For all new fasilkomer students I just wanna say “Ganbatte!!” Welcome to the jungle >:) Damn i feel useless in this room. When the SPMB server was being attacked i just sat there and did nothing. But this is a new experience for me (watching the super admins strike back the attacker =P).

Indonesian Idol

Ah kenapa sih Gea yang harus keluar!!! ini pasti gara2 cewek2 pada smsnya ke dirly ama ihsan hehehe .. Gila gw sangat kecewa berat nih. Sama seperti perasaan gw pas dukung inggris yang sayangnya harus kandas di 1/4 final. Ya sudahlah, toh karir dia masih panjang =)

Ya sekian sajalah postingan pertama ini. Untuk selanjutnya adalah semoga blog ini bisa tetap menjadi blog yang bukan hanya tren sesaat ™ XD akhir kata saya undur diri dan sampai bertemu dikesempatan selanjutnya.