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Wow I am really amazed with the men team, HYDRA in this task. After Donald Trump gave the task of creating a living window display for the new Vera Wang mattress product, my opinion was the same with Trace Adkins, they completely screwed. They didn’t even know who Vera Wang was until they have given this task. Fortunately, they successfully managed to follow the clue from Vera. The task itself was judged based on three things which are creativity, brand imaging, and entertainment value.

HYDRA managed to think outside of the box compare with EMPRESSARIO. They able to show the romantic things with showing Cleopatra and Marc Anthony live in the modern world. EMPRESSARIO itself was kind of playing safe and got the wrong direction. The bride thing was kind of giving the impression of playing safe and of course it wasn’t so creative. I think they got the brand imaging part and entertainment value, but not the creativity (oppose with George opinion that they only got the brand imaging part only).

From my opinion, there are two strong players in HYDRA. The first is Piers Morgan. Even though I don’t like his leadership in the previous episode (5th), but he gave a great contribution to his team. In this task for example, he able to get what kind of symbolic thing that this product wanted to emphasize from the interview in the executive meeting. And the second is of course Trace Adkins. He always can get a great and strong slogan. He is the creative brain of HYDRA. No wonder if he can make so many hits single on the top of the country music chart.

In summary, the key word that really prominent in this episode was creativity. Try to think outside of the box, and the men team did.